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Interior doors

Interior high-speed doors are ideal for frequent opening while separating critical interior areas. Rapid speeds and advanced safety systems, combined with tight sealing and pressure resistance, help control environments and improve operations.

Exterior doors

Exterior high-speed doors combine rapid operation with tight sealing and high durability. Our high-speed fabric, metal and rubber doors offer optimal efficiency, flexibility and security for a wide variety of applications that require frequent openings.

Machine protection doors

Machine protection doors are safety doors with fast opening and closing cycle that increase flow and productivity for automated processes and production lines. With photocells and integrated safety switches, they offer the ultimate protection.

Cold storage doors

Insulated high-performance doors preserve the cold chain in high-traffic cooler and freezer applications. Able to open and close rapidly, they prevent drafts and resist moisture as well as reduce energy costs.

Food processing doors

High-performance food processing doors for passages and isolating hygienic areas keep food and contaminants apart. Rapid opening speeds help maintain consistent temperatures and smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning.

Cleanroom doors

High-performance cleanroom doors with easily disinfected surfaces meet the most stringent hygienic requirements. Fast opening and closing and tight sealing minimize the spread of airborne particles and the risk of contamination.

Heavy industry doors

Durable, reliable and low maintenance high-performance doors that meet the tough requirements in heavy industry. They withstand tough and corrosive conditions and provide a near airtight seal that contains odors and dust.

Material handling doors

High-performance material handling doors separate processes, storage areas and conveyor belts in an energy-saving manner. While they allow a safe and rapid material flow, they also prevent drafts and help to absorb noise.