ASSA ABLOY PASS helps you monitor and manage the use of your automatic doors and track current occupancy rates in real-time.


These are challenging times for most business owners. Safety in public locations is more essential than ever. And with new regulations regarding permitted people capacity and social distancing requirements changing quickly, ensuring your business is staying compliant can be a costly and frustrating experience.

To help you better navigate changing rules, we developed ASSA ABLOY PASS (people access, safety & security). You get a flexible software and sensor solution that integrates with your existing automatic doors to count the number of people entering and leaving your store while displaying the current occupancy in real-time.

ASSA ABLOY PASS Primary requires the OMS/BLE hardware along with a quick plug and play software update to your existing sliding door solution, or through a modernization update if you have an older/other brand door model. It provides fast and easy access via Bluetooth to our mobile app (ASSA ABLOY Sliding Door Manager) that puts all data and functions right into your hands. You’ll always know the current number of occupants in real-time so you can act accordingly.

With ASSA ABLOY PASS, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Easy integration into your business’s existing infrastructure – easy update to newest automated door technology and latest innovation standards
  • A Bluetooth enabled mobile app to remotely change the setting of your door and count people entering and exiting your store or business
  • Occupancy data on display or via app – know how many people are in your store at all times

In addition to the same benefits as the primary option, ASSA ABLOY PASS+ provides you with additional solutions that can be added separately to meet and build upon your business’s changing needs:
ASSA ABLOY PASS+ Upgrades Provide: 

  • Traffic lights & displays on doors showing information to people arriving, such as when it’s safe to enter
  • Cameras & extra sensors for higher accuracy people counts
  • Flexible layout and design of cameras, sensors and traffic lights
  • IoT compatibility with ASSA ABLOY Insight

ASSA ABLOY PASS+ uses a unique combination of 3D sensors connected via Bluetooth and adjusted through the easy to use mobile app. The sensor is mounted on the ceiling to better detect passing people, including those walking side-by-side and children accompanied by parents. By crossing a virtual counting line, the person is counted as entering or exiting the space, store or building. The cameras with integrated software are attached to the entrance and exit area, giving a real-time comparison of the current number of people in your business to the total number allowed based on your pre-settings.

ASSA ABLOY PASS+ can help you adhere to strict occupancy legislations that restrict entry during times of pandemic or other emergencies by signaling via a pedestrian traffic light when people may enter. This feature can also display specific icons to users with color vision deficiency. Plus, its backflow protection detects when people attempt to enter or exit via the wrong door. As soon as the person in the adjustable detection area has gone in the wrong direction, the traffic light signals, “Stop! Do not enter!“ – giving you control over which doors people use.

With ASSA ABLOY PASS and ASSA ABLOY PASS+, you gain a user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective tool to help your business better navigate changing safety measures. Through accurate people counting and control, you can provide your customers with clear communication about when to enter your location. And with easily customized add-on features, you can access additional insights and hardware – increasing your customers, business, and employees' safety and security.