Graduation day is here for our master thesis students!

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Twenty weeks have passed since Mikaela, Jens, Olof, and Ted joined ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’ headquarters in Landskrona to write their master’s thesis. Learn more about their finished projects and what they have learned during the process.

Mikaela and Jens have worked on finding a mechanical solution that could replace the need of a motor powered by hold force in sliding doors. Today, the motor has to be kept running at all times even while the doors are closed. By developing a mechanical solution, you would save both energy and resources, as well as enabling the device to be smaller and more aesthetically looking.

"Writing our thesis at ASSA ABLOY has been very flexible, meaning that we've been responsible for structuring our own time. We've been able to take own initiatives; to come up with ideas and evaluate them until we had a concept that we believed was most suitable." Says Mikaela.

"We've really appreciated having our mentor Roger Dryer's support at all times. Since we were also sitting in the same room, we were able to discuss different ideas and suggestions throughout our thesis process." Says Jens.

"We've developed a prototype using magnets to hold the doors together while they are closed." Says Jens. "We've really appreciated the possibility to 3D-print prototypes of our design to test what the real solution could look like, and how it would function in reality with the help of magnets and springs." Mikaela explains.

"Creating smarter solutions for the future"

Ted and Olof are working on finding a way to minimize the air leakage on sliding doors and if there could be a way to replace the traditional brushed that exists today, something that would save energy.

"We value the people we have met at ASSA ABLOY, who have been really welcoming and helpful with our project." Says Olof.

"We were also really welcomed by Markus Hägnefelt and Sara Roos, who wrote their thesis at ASSA ABLOY in 2017 and are currently working at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems." Says Ted and continues.

“They invited us to lunch and also arranged an ‘after work' for us thesis students to network and get to know each other."

"We've worked on two different solutions that include both replacing the current brushes and creating a prototype that uses gravity to seal off the door." Says Olof.

"We've learned very much during this process and looking forward to presenting our ideas to employees at ASSA ABLOY as a final step before we graduate."Says Jens.

"I feel that we're taking part in creating smarter solutions for the future." Says Mikaela.

All of the students will graduate at the end of January and are excited of what to come in the future, perhaps a career within ASSA ABLOY?