Slim profile sliding door systems

ASSA ABLOY SL510 F automatic sliding door system, framed all around with a slim aluminum profile for more aesthetically appealing entrances.
ASSA ABLOY SL510 F automatic sliding door system, framed all around with a slim aluminum profile for more aesthetically appealing entrances.
ASSA ABLOY SL510 F automatic sliding door system in retail environment.
ASSA ABLOY SL510 F sliding door system in office building.

ASSA ABLOY SL510 F sliding door systems for appealing entrances.

There are facilities where the value of a sliding door system should extend beyond mere convenience. For instance, at an upscale shopping mall or a luxury hotel, a strong first impression makes all the difference.

The ASSA ABLOY SL510 F automatic sliding door system gives an aesthetically pleasing, yet highly functional entrance. Framed all round with a slim line aluminum profile, it reduces both the weight and footprint of door leaves and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any facility.

Supplied as either a bi-parting or single sliding door system, the ASSA ABLOY SL510 F door system comes complete with door leaf, safety devices, access control options and where required, side screens and overlights. It is available for both beam and wall mounting and the slim aluminum profiles are clear anodized and glazed with 8mm laminated glass as standard.

Narrow pass ways and escape routes

Where side space is limited a telescopic arrangement is the natural choice. It is ideal for narrow passageways, as it maximizes the clear opening width. ASSA ABLOY SL510 F offers an optional break-out feature, allowing exit through the entire door opening and sidescreen space during emergencies.


The ASSA ABLOY SL510 F can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building, resulting in lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint for customers. It can be fitted with optional thermos glass, thermally broken profiles, extra tight-fitting brushes and additional sensors for fine-tuning opening and closing times, further enhancing its energy-saving capabilities, while ensuring a high-level of entrance security.

BIM objects

Environmental Product Declaration

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Technical description


  • Profile type: Slim Frame and Slim Frame with thermo
  • Profile finish: anodized aluminium, color on request- painted in color according to RAL card
  • Glass type: 8, 10 or 12 mm laminated- 8, or 10 mm tempered- 22 mm insulated (thermo profile only)
  • Glass finish: clear, green, bronze, opaque
  • Overlight (beam mounted only)
  • Side screens
  • Mechanical lock
  • Break-out
  • Reverse Break-out                                                                                                                                                                             


  • Overlight
  • Side screens
  • Mechanical lock
  • Alternative colours, painted/anodized
  • Alternative glass types
  • Alternative glass finish
  • Break-out
  • Reverse Break-out

Product Brochure

BR_AAES_SL-Range_EN_LR.pdf (.pdf, 7.8 MB) Product_range_brochure_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_en.pdf (.pdf, 1.7 MB)

Product Drawings

Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Glass_options_for_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_and_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_en.pdf (.pdf, 59 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Liner Frame, Slim_Slim_Eco_en.pdf (.pdf, 288 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Liner_Frame_Slim_Eco_glass_options_en.dwg (.dwg, 70 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Liner_Frame_Slim_Eco_glass_options_en.pdf (.pdf, 501 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Pocket_Screen_Sliding_Pocket_Screen_en.dwg (.dwg, 965 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Pocket_Screen_Sliding_Pocket_Screen_en.pdf (.pdf, 735 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Break-Out_en.dwg (.dwg, 755 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Break-Out_en.pdf (.pdf, 1.2 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_en.dwg (.dwg, 933 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_en.pdf (.pdf, 2 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_LDE_en.dwg (.dwg, 606 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_LDE_en.pdf (.pdf, 941 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_RC2_en.dwg (.dwg, 2 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_RC2_en.pdf (.pdf, 2.3 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_Telescopic_en.dwg (.dwg, 1 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Eco_Telescopic_en.pdf (.pdf, 2.2 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_en.dwg (.dwg, 814 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_en.pdf (.pdf, 1.9 MB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Reverse_Break-Out_en.dwg (.dwg, 565 kB) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_Slim_Reverse_Break-Out_en.pdf (.pdf, 1.4 MB)
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