Minimize the risks at your loading bay

Loading bays are normally the busiest areas at logistics companies, warehouses and production facilities – and the most dangerous.

Eliminate the risk and dangers before accidents happen
Large vehicles, heavy equipment and people are constantly on the move, often at high speed. Raised, uneven work surfaces, as well as high noise levels, heavy loads, blind spots and language issues can add to an already high-risk environment. It is hardly surprising then that every year, thousands of workers suffer serious or fatal injuries when working around vehicles that collect or deliver goods (1).

In most cases, it is only after a serious accident has occurred that measures are taken to find solutions to make the loading bay a safer place to work. A proactive approach is urgently needed to not only save lives, but drastically reduce the frequency and severity of accidents, and the costly consequences.

Preventative measures will save lives
This is where ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems can help. With a wide range of safety zone buffers, docking control systems, dock doors and levelers, as well as dock lights, loadhouses and restraint systems, ASSA ABLOY can help mitigate risks and potential hazards at your loading bay.

To ensure your loading bay equipment is in top working order, a rapid response to any issues that may arise is crucial. ASSA ABLOY also offers a range of service options to suit all types of business. A fast resolution of any issues that may arise will help minimize eventual operational bottlenecks and downtime, and deter workers from implementing temporary fixes, and possibly dangerous short-term solutions.

With the right equipment, as well as regular maintenance, risk assessments and training, you can establish a strong safety culture that will make life at your loading bay safer for everyone.

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