ASSA ABLOY Van cushion shelters

Van cushion shelter from ASSA ABLOY
Van cushion shelter from ASSA ABLOY
Van cushion shelter from ASSA ABLOY
Van cushion shelter from ASSA ABLOY
Van cushion shelter from ASSA ABLOY
Van cushion shelter from ASSA ABLOY

Van cushion shelters are developed to work specifically for parcel distribution centers, where vans reverse up to the loading bay with their back doors open. They help facilitate an efficient, uninterrupted flow during loading and unloading and reduce the risk of damage to your loading bay and delivery fleet as vans can back up safely to the loading bay.

Once a van is docked, cushion shelters create a tight seal between the open back doors of the van and the loading bay entrance, enhancing your facility’s security and indoor environment. 

Energy efficient and environment enhancing

The tight sealing effect around the loading bay increases the energy efficiency of your facility – especially those that run operations using a finger concept and conveyor belt system – compared to a finger loading bay without cushion shelters, energy savings of up to 50% can be made. And indoor environment is enhanced by minimizing temperature transfer, so you can be confident that your workers will be comfortable during loading and unloading operations.

Exceptional weather protection

By closing the gaps between van and loading bay there is continuous weather protection during the complete loading process. And with the optional separate roof you can further enhance the protection of your loading bays.

Making loading easier

Loading by hand is easy as drivers can walk safely over the bottom cushion from the inside of the facility and into their van. And if loading is done with a pallet truck or roll cage, the cushion shelter can be fitted without the bottom cushion so that a manual dock plate can be used to ensure safe transfer of goods into the van.

Strong and reliable, the ASSA ABLOY DS6060VC van cushion shelter will help ensure operations at your facility are always efficient.

Technical description

ASSA ABLOY DS6060VC Van cushion shelter

  • Normal height: 2000 mm
  • Normal width: 3250 mm
  • Foam density: 18 kr/m3
  • Curtain colour: black
  • Signs on bottom cushion: yellow/black warning tape, warning sign "do not step on"
  • Signs on top cushion: yellow/black warning tape
  • Black plate: waterproof wooden plate, 19 mm thick
  • Roof frame: aluminum profiles, galvanizes steel profiles
  • Fabric cushions and roof: one layer high quality polyester
  • Thickness: 0,5 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 680 g/m2
  • Fabric roof top curtain: double layer high quality polyester
  • Thickness: 3,0 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 3400 g/m2
  • Flammability all curtains: DIN 75200
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