Complete entrance solutions for manufacturing

Built to last, our complete range of high-performance entrance solutions meet the standards of the most complex manufacturing processes, from chemical and physical, to assembly and packaging.

All of our automated doors are available with numerous customization options, from configuration and settings, to color, size and a range of accessories.

If you need help finding the best automated entrance solutions for your facility, our expert consultants are available to assist you with your project.

General manufacturing

Separate areas and control the flow of goods, people and vehicles throughout your facility with our high-speed interior and exterior doors and docking solutions.


From machine protection to high-speed interior and exterior doors, our solutions meet all automotive entrance needs to help keep your production line moving.

Controlled environment

Minimize contamination risk and maintain full control over indoor environments with our cleanroom and rapid roll doors.

Food and beverage

When high health and safety standards are business-critical, our hygiene doors help maintain temperatures and keep production on track.

Keeping doors running and people safe

German manufacturer MJ-Gerust has trusted us for 20 years to keep their 115 high-speed doors running smoothly and their workers safe.
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