ASSA ABLOY Insight – our new IoT platform

How IoT enabled doors create smarter buildings

Imagine you could gain insights into your building’s automatic doors and understand their individual usage and behavior

For us at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems this means a network of connected devices (automatic doors) that are embedded with software and sensors to collect and exchange data. With a connected door or docking solutions you are equipped with deeper insights on your doors performance, their usage and remote error notifications – meaning that you are able to display your equipment health status remotely.

Your business relies on an efficient movement of goods and a steady flow of people. Every breakdown or errors issued by your automated door has an impact on your business and means often even a safety risk for your customers and employees.

With ASSA ABLOY Insight, our IoT solution, we are working smarter using advanced technology and data insights to support you and your business more efficiently and effectively to increase customer satisfaction – by driving better performance, business insights and communication.

Reduce costs and equipment failure with ASSA ABLOY Insight 

ASSA ABLOY Insight introduces a new all-in-one platform for customers to access critical insights into their individual automatic door’s usage and performance – allowing for more proactive solutions that save you time and money.

Improving the reliability, performance and safety of your automatic doors are among the top priorities for all business owners, facility managers and security managers. Now, with ASSA ABLOY Insight, you can access more valuable information about the health and performance of your automatic doors than ever before. ASSA ABLOY Insight uses cloud-based technology to connect the automatic doors and docking solutions in your building through an easy to use all-in-one platform – helping you to shift from reactive to proactive maintenance.

How it works

The ASSA ABLOY Insight platform enables you to connect and collect data about your building’s automatic doors – providing you with everything you need to optimize your entryway’s performance.


Connected sensors manage large amounts of critical data 24/7 (e.g. usage level, intrusions, energy leakage, and more)


Collected data is sent to the cloud, where it is gathered, processed and analyzed – allowing for preventative actions to be taken before breakdown or safety risk occurs.


Our all-in-one platform provides real-time updates to your desktop or tablet, giving you and your service team a full overview of your equipment's performance and history.

Letting data drive your decisions

  • Higher Service Efficiency – Improve your door's service life and first-time fix rates through intelligent planning and smarter use of resources.
  • Detailed Business Insights – Better understand your business through actionable insights such as people flow analytics and security events.
  • Easier TCO Management – Access valuable data to better manage your costs and reduce your total cost of ownership of the building assets.

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