Keep your footfall in line with ASSA ABLOY Flow Control


ASSA ABLOY Flow Control is an automatic people counting system designed for stores and shops. Track everyone who enters or leaves your store – using top-of-the-line sensor technology – and set maximum occupancy rates, with entry automatically blocked until enough visitors have left. ASSA ABLOY Flow Control is also able to connect up to four separate doorways – for unbeatable control and flexibility.

With ASSA ABLOY Flow Control, enjoy:

  • Automatic safety procedures once maximum occupancy is reached
  • +99% counting accuracy
  • Quick and easy installation (between two and four hours)
  • Clear signaling via green and red LED lights (IP65)
  • GDPR compliance (DVSGO requirements)
  • A solution designed to work with a variety of building management systems

LED lighting to help entice passersby

Clearly visible LED lighting signals whether or not it is okay to enter a building. Green indicates it is safe to go in, while red indicates that maximum occupancy has been reached. At this stage the doorway will only open for people exiting, with normal operations resuming once numbers have fallen.

Retrofit your current system

We have designed ASSA ABLOY Flow Control to work with most systems, so you can easily retrofit it to your existing set-up. And, with more than 2,000 retrofits to date – make sure you don’t get left behind.

Additional add-ons available

Information poster/stickers

In retail environments, offering clear and concise customer information is key. That’s why, with every ASSA ABLOY Flow Control purchase, we can place highly visible safety information either on your store doorway, or the Flow Control LED light panels. As well as keeping occupants safe and informed, this will enable you to specify maximum occupancy for all to see.

“Traffic light” pillar

When it comes to wide doorways, we advise installing an additional signal system – such as our  solution with radio-controlled traffic light. The traffic light operates automatically, and provides information on occupancy rates similar to the LED light panels. This additional solution can also be purchased with rollers or an information panel.


Easily observe and manage high-traffic and noisy areas with our loudspeaker. As soon as maximum occupancy is reached, an announcement will sound to alert shoppers and staffers alike – switching to “please enter” once it is deemed safe to do so. This solution is available with multiple language settings.

Benefits of using the loudspeaker

  • Improve customer awareness and behavior
  • Limit risk of forced entry attempts
  • Compliant with local and national regulations for hearing-impaired members of society

Bell system

In cases where a facility’s automatic doors are not visible from the checkout area, we advise installing a bell to keep staff informed. Once maximum occupancy is reached, ASSA ABLOY Flow Control sends a signal to the bell system, thereby alerting staff. For further control, the bell can also be programmed to signal according to different occupancy rates. For example, making staff aware when the facility has reached 90% capacity.

Mounting bracket

Enjoy more than 99% counting accuracy even if your doorway is significantly wider than it is tall – by adding our mounting bracket to your Flow Control system. The mounting bracket can be placed directly above the doorway or on the ceiling, and does not require professional installation.


If your counting system is placed directly above the main doorway, or if you have a separate entrance and exit, connect an additional sensor to your master control – or run it as a completely independent counting system.

Technical specifications:

  • Installation height required is 2,100 – 3,000mm
  • Maximum width of 2,100 mm and maximum height of 3,000 mm
  • Minimum object height of 1,300 mm
  • Maximum number of sensors which can be combined: 4
  • Configuration layouts for multiple entry or exit doors
  • Manually adjustable counting system (+/- buttons)
  • On/Off button
  • ASSA ABLOY BDE-D FC control unit
  • Compatible with any ASSA ABLOY or third-party door which has built-in radar sensors (radar sensors with a BUS connection must be checked by a professional technician)

Installation requirements

  • Power supply – 110-230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Indoor and outdoor LEDs (IP65)
  • Time-of-flight 3D sensor technology
  • Maximum distance between sensors: 60 m if you have four sensors; 100 m for three, and 120m for two