Good progress with sustainability 2019

Our current five-year sustainability program is making good progress! Find out more about our achievements in 2019 and our way forward in our new Sustainability report.

Our sustainability program addresses the environment, our people, products and our business partners’ agenda. Through sustainable innovation, we aim to develop products that are efficient and have less impact on the environment, and we are committed to working toward an injury-free workplace. We are working to improve the sustainability performance within our supply chain while ensuring compliance with our business partner code of conduct.

Highlights 2019

  • The Group had a positive development across a majority of the reporting areas.
  • Our continued focus on Health and Safety is working, keeping employees and stakeholders safer. The Injury rate was reduced by 16%.
  • The Water intensity has decreased by 8% during the year.
  • The Energy intensity has decreased by 10% during the year.
  • The Group’s total greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 16%, as a result of increased energy efficiency and productivity, as well as new technology upgrades.
  • By the end of 2019, the Group had 325 Environmental Product Declarations verified and published.
  • The Group carried out 1,175 sustainability audits of direct material suppliers in low-cost countries.

Download the 2019 Sustainability report.