Magnus is passionate about doors

As a self-confessed door nerd, it was something of a dream come true for Magnus Zygmunt when he was assigned the project management for ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’ part of the Nya Karolinska Solna (NKS) hospital construction project in Stockholm.

Running from 2013 to mid 2017, NKS is one of the largest hospital projects ever in Northern Europe. It is one of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems' largest ever.  “Thousands of doors, that’s crazy!” Magnus says. “100 doors is usually a large project for us.”  

What makes it complex, Magnus explains, is not the massive number of doors, or finding the right solutions, but to coordinate the installations with other subcontractors. At the same time, it is a great learning experience, providing valuable knowledge about building projects.

"We are not only supplying door solutions," Magnus says, "we're frequently in meetings with the customer and other subcontractors trying to find ways to continuously improve functionality and to cut costs. It is extremely satisfying to be along for the whole ride."

It goes beyond just selling doors

Magnus has been with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems for six years and, besides the NKS project, also handles sales development and market coordination for ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems in Sweden. There are lots of opportunities to cultivate his "door nerdiness".

"Most of us at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems are door nerds. We are passionate about doors," he says. "Customers often ask, 'are you really this committed?' Yes, we are. It goes beyond just selling doors. It is about adding value, such as saving energy, which benefits the environment and cuts costs at the same time. It is about improving the comfort for people working close by."

Is he ever taking it too far? Magnus laughs: "I have actually checked out revolving doors, setting myself up to get squeezed just to see if they work correctly."

With his mobile full of pictures of automatic doors, taking part in the #doornerds photo contest is a no-brainer for Magnus. "It will be lots of fun, challenging people and seeing what they come up with," he says. "I think there will be lots of 'Ahas' and 'Wows' when people find out the different environments where you find ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems products and solutions. We are literally everywhere."