Kathy De Potter’s favorite door

How does working with industrial doors for 27 years change your attitude about doors? We talked with Kathy De Potter to find out. She discusses her work in the service department, the #doornerds photo competition and her favorite door in the whole world.

It is clear from talking to Kathy De Potter that she likes helping people, and that she is proud of her job. In February 2017, she will have worked in the service department at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Belgium for 27 years.

For the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems #doornerds competition, Kathy recently posted an Instagram picture of a sign reading: "Customer service is not a department, it is an attitude."

"In my job you need to know how to put yourself in other people's situations and give them the right answers. I am proud to be working for such a big firm, and I am grateful for the great colleagues I have all over the world and the fine service they provide." She says. "I love working with people, if someone put me where I could not see or hear other people, I would probably die".

After 27 years, you know your customers

Kathy has posted several pictures for the #doornerds campaign, and says that she can instantly spot an industrial door from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

"It is something that you carry with you when working for 27 years with doors," she says. "You can always see them. Sometimes when we are out driving in Antwerp, I see the big industrial buildings along the road, and I say to my husband and son, 'that is a customer of ours, and that is a customer of ours.' I know them by heart. After 27 years, you know your customers."

Door nerding runs in the family

Kathy's husband works for one of the largest contractors for industrial buildings in Belgium. "He builds the buildings, and we put in the doors," she says, laughing. "So we always have something to talk about in the evening." Her husband helps her take pictures for the #doornerds campaign, including the doors at his boss's office. So you can say that the door nerding runs in the family.

In addition to getting help from her husband, Kathy says that her colleagues also send her door photos to post on Instagram. 

When asked which door is her all-time favorite, Kathy does not hesitate. "My door at my home," she says. "It is a Crawford door. It is gray and metallic, and very modern. It has windows in it so you can see outside. It has worked great ever since we installed it in 2000."