Yvonne Borg

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Billing Administrator, Canada, Mississauga

Yvonne who lives and works in Canada, compares working at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to rugby.

Please describe your work

"I appreciate the challenges my work brings and the fact that it keeps me busy for the whole day. I am making sure that invoices are processed and correct. My work has developed during the years. When I started I was only doing billing for one area, and now I am responsible for several areas."

How would you describe ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, as a company, in three words?

"I would say innovative, streamlined, productive"

Which sport would you compare working at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to?

"Rugby. I love the game because it’s rough and exciting at the same time."

Please state 5 things that are crucial to succeed in your profession 

"Patience, working together as a team, speed, respectful, and loving what you do."

If a student or young professional is looking for his/her first job within your profession, what would be your best advice?

"Be passionate and love what you do. Look to furthering yourself by accepting more work which will further your career inside the company."

Is there something in your career that would be interesting for students or young professionals to know about? Something that has meant a lot for where you are today. Maybe a change of focus or switch of career path? Or a mentor? 

"A mentor is great to have. My mentor is named Tarrah and I have learnt a lot from her regarding the National Accounts end of my position. From her I also learnt to do the job properly."