Jakub Hofmann

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Unit Manager, Czech Republic

Jakub appreciates that there are opportunities to grow in the company. He started as a Production worker in 2011 and is now a Unit Manager.

Please describe your work and workday

"In the role of Unit Manager the day is full of meetings, phone conferences and sometimes travelling. Despite that I like to find time to take a walk in production and be in contact with all our employees as much as possible. I also really love joining LEAN- or other workshops where I directly can get an overview of the improvements we do."

What do you appreciate most about your work?

"I really appreciate that I have an opportunity to grow in the company and also to see the achievements step by step and year by year. This company gives you opportunity to have a very good professional growth where I think I´m personally a very good example. I really like when I have the possibility to help to develop our colleagues in our team and see and support the growth of them as well."

Have you held different positions in the company?

"Yes, several. I started as production worker for 5 months, then I became Production Foreman for 11 months. Then I swiched to Production Supervisor, a position I held for two years. I then moved to the position as Production Manager and finally Unit Manager which is  the position I have today."

How would you describe ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems in three words?

"Great place to work."

What is it like to work in ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems?

"I just answer: who wouldn´t like to work in company that is the global leader?"

Which sport would you compare working at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to?

"It´s like a windsurfing (my passion) because sometimes you have a good and strong wind and sometimes it is gusty but you still love it!"

Name five things that are crucial to succeed in your profession

"Open mind-set. Pragmatic. Structured. Practical common sense. To know how to relax at the weekend/evenings."

If a student or young professional is looking for his/her first job within your profession, what would be your best advice?

"Don’t be afraid about to ask experienced professionals around you and learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes which you can see around because by seeing them you can prevent yourself from doing the same. We are humans and nobody is perfect so don’t  be shy and ask people around to help you to solve the problem if you do so."

Is there something in your career that would be interesting for students or young professionals to know about?

"Of course one important thing is to learn foregin languages and to understand that there are different mentalities in different countries. You can learn that by visiting new cities, countries and continents. Meet and learn from others , it doesn’t matter if you're meeting people on holidays or when working. I´m sure you can learn something from everyone you meet in your life. And also; stay updated. Industrial or economic trends are very important. If you have possibilities to attend courses – do so! I would like to mention one more thing: Do you know the company NIKE? I believe most people do and that they have seen their slogan JUST DO IT! Remember this motto and use it in your work."