Andrea Cardoso


Planning Coordinator, France

Andrea Cardoso plans the daily operations for twenty service engineers and describes working at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems as ‘interesting and challenging’.

Please describe how you spend a typical work day.

"My days are busy and full of unexpected things to deal with. I plan the operations for 20 service engineers and the operations of subcontractors. I talk on the phone a lot; with a customer who needs some sort of reparation work and also all "my" service engineers. What I appreciate the most about my work is the satisfaction I have in the end of the day having completed my projects and having my teams ready for the next day. After an active day, my second day begins in the joy of spending my evening with my husband and my daughter."

Have you held different positions in the company?

"Yes! When I started a few years ago we implemented a new organization in the service back-office where I work. I participated in the work with the set-up, which gave me many new learnings. Today I work as service coordinator for three regions. I have a great autonomy in my work and I get new challenges regulary. Now I for instance is the dedicated contact for a new customer. This new experience allowed me to take on a new job orientation. Soon I will leave my job as coordinator to become Key Account Coordinator for service contracts."

What is it like to work in ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems?

"Working in ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is as interesting as it is challenging!  You work in an ever changing environment but also experience team spirit and meet great people. Once during my summer holiday I by chance met one of my service engineers, Freddy, on the beach. He was working on a site where I regularly send him. What a pleasure to have a drink with Freddy in these nice conditions!"

What does it take to succeed in your profession in ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems?

"A person who is starting a job similar to mine should spend some time in the different departments to understand well how the company works and how these departments interact between each other to deliver a high quality service to customers. You should also be conscientious, persevering and tireless. You need to be a team player and be able to plan and manage customers’ demands."