Fish Training Director


Having a pet fish may not seem as fun or exciting as having a pet dog or cat. However, with the proper training, your fish can be taught to interact with you and do tricks - just like any other pet! The easiest fish breeds to train include Oscars, Goldfish, and Bettas. Male Betta fish are usually kept alone in a bowl, making them the most focused and easiest to train.


Put your finger on the outside of your aquarium tank near your fish. Your goal is to get your fish's attention, and once you get its attention, reward it with food. If your fish responds to your finger right away, award it with food. If your fish does not respond right away, shake your finger until it does notice.

  • You can consider placing your finger in the fish tank for your fish to follow as well. Some types of fish tend to bite, including Bettas, so do some research on your breed fish before putting your finger in their tank.


Get your fish to follow your finger. Move your finger back and forth across the tank, and reward your fish every time time it follows your finger. Getting your fish to come to your finger is the first step, but getting your fish to follow your finger as it moves may be a bit more difficult. Move your finger up and down, from side to side, etc. Do not reward your fish until it follows your finger.

Use repetition and rewards to train your fish quickly. The fastest and most effective way to train your fish is by using food to reward its behavior. With repetition, your fish will learn to associate following your finger with being fed. Once your fish understands that they will be fed for doing what you instruct them to do, you'll be able to teach them a variety of other tricks.[3]

  • If you have pellets, use them for your training instead of regular fish food. If you use pellets for training rather than normal feeding, your fish will view them as a special treat.

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