ASSA ABLOY overhead sectional doors

ASSA ABLOY OH1042P insulated panel overhead sectional doors
ASSA ABLOY OH1042P insulated panel overhead sectional doors
ASSA ABLOY OH1042P with two rows of DARP windows
ASSA ABLOY OH1042P panel overhead sectional doors in loading bay setting
ASSA ABLOY OH1042P with custom RAL paintwork
ASSA ABLOY OH1042P overhead sectional door internal face
ASSA ABLOY OH1042P industrial sectional door

The ASSA ABLOY OH1042P insulated panel sectional door

The panel overhead sectional door 'ASSA ABLOY OH1042P' slides up under the ceiling when opened, maximising free space in and around the door opening.

Insulated polyeurthane filled panel overhead sectional doors, in a wide variety of arrangements, can be constructed entirely of insulated metal panels or feature vision panels and windows as required.

Every component of the ASSA ABLOY overhead sectional door is engineered to the highest standards. The combination of wind-resistant reinforced panels and a class 3 certification for water tightness, wind load and air permeability guarantees a door that looks better and performs longer. Subtle innovations in ASSA ABLOY door designs make a big difference to the buildings they protect.

Choose from nine standard colours for the external face, or customise the interior and/or exterior facade by choosing your own factory-painted colour. Available in different sizes, with many window arrangments, end-users, specifiers and contractors can select from a huge range of locking options, opening mechanisms, access control systems and integral pedestrian 'pass door' options.

With unrivalled customisation options, ASSA ABLOY overhead sectional doors are perfectly suited to every kind of industrial need.


ASSA ABLOY OH1042P overhead sectional doors are the optimal choice for customers who need robust, well-insulated and space-saving doors in in the "working entrances" of industrial and commercial premises.

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Environmental Product Declaration

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Technical description

ASSA ABLOY OH1042P insulated panel overhead sectional door

  • Standard size up to (WxH) [1]: 8000 x 6000 mm
  • Panel thickness: 42 mm
  • Windows/Pass-door/Access and Automation: Optional
  • Wind load, EN 12424 [2]: Class 3 W < 4250, Class 2 W > 4250
  • Thermal transmittance, EN 12428 [3]
  • Full panel (steel) door: 1,0W/(m2K)
  • Full panel (alum.) door: 1,1W/(m2K)
  • Water penetration, EN 12425 [4]: Class 3
  • Air permeability, EN 12426 [4]: Class 3
[1 ]Other sizes on request
[2] With or without pass-door. Higher wind load classification on request
[3] Door size 4000 x 4000 mm
[4] With or without pass-door

Product Leaflets

Product_leaflet_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042F_en.pdf (.pdf, 451 kB) Product_leaflet_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042P_en.pdf (.pdf, 456 kB)

Product Datasheet

Product_datasheet_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042F_en.pdf (.pdf, 2.5 MB) Product_datasheet_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042P_en.pdf (.pdf, 2.5 MB)

Product Specification Texts

Specification_text_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042F_en.doc (.doc, 445 kB) Specification_text_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042P_en.doc (.doc, 428 kB)

Product Drawings

Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 855 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 897 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 907 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1004 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 948 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.7 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.9 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 2.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.8 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 924 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 950 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.3 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB)
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