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How IoT has transformed our world

The ‘Internet of Things’ - or IoT - covers a range of emerging technology including artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud storage. An IoT product is any physical device integrated with software, and able to connect with the Internet and share data with other Internet-enabled devices.

We have already embraced smart IoT devices in our everyday lives, including phones, TVs, speakers and thermostats. With an increasing number of devices that utilize smart technology, IoT promises to transform how we work, live and play, in a future where connectivity is key.

ASSA ABLOY Insight - Opening doors to a new era of data-driven decision making

For ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, IoT means a network of connected devices (automatic doors) that are embedded with software and sensors to collect and exchange data. Our purpose has evolved to connect the physical and digital worlds and provide real-time, data-driven insights, for a world-class service experience.

For you as a customer, we will be able to offer a new level of proactive service, based on data insights gathered from our connected products at your premises. The data gathered will also help you make even more informed business decisions in your daily operations.

To make this happen, we have developed our own fully integrated IoT platform, ASSA ABLOY Insight, that will evolve your entrance solutions to help sharpen your knowledge, work smarter and transform your business.

Because with a connected door you are equipped with deeper insights on your doors performance, their usage and remote error notifications – meaning that you are able to display your equipment health status remotely.

Your business relies on an efficient movement of goods and a steady flow of people. Every breakdown or errors issued by your automated door has an impact on your business and could even be a safety risk for your customers and employees.

The innovations in ASSA ABLOY Insight promise to greatly enhance many aspects of the services provided to you, including:

  • Higher service efficiency for increased uptime
  • Easier TCO management
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Detailed business insights

In addition, features like improved ventilation control and air quality, people count and real-time energy calculators are being developed and tailored to your specific needs.

Watch this space for more news on ASSA ABLOY connected door and entrance solutions or contact us now to find out more about how ASSA ABLOY Insight can benefit your business.

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