Putting staff first at your loading bays

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Looking after the people that run your distribution and logistics center is key to keeping operations efficient

From the drivers distributing your goods, to the warehouse staff loading the trucks, to the stock managers overseeing the whole process, your staff keep your business running. And you can make sure that they are comfortable throughout the process with some well chosen docking solutions.

Creating a comfortable working environment

There are several ways to ensure warehouses are comfortable working environments for staff.

Choosing fast acting or insulated overhead sectional doors means you can minimize temperature exchange and reduce the amount of time staff are exposed to the elements. Both the insulated ASSA ABLOY OH1082P and the fast acting ASSA ABLOY OH1042S are designed with extra comfort-increasing features. For example, tight seals prevent drafts or dust from entering when the doors are closed, and both doors feature a broken cold bridge, so condensation will not form on either side of the door.

During loading, exposure to the elements can be a problem. Fitting your loading bays with dock shelters – or even moving the whole loading bay outside into a loadhouse – protects staff from wet, cold and sun during the loading process. At smaller loading bays we recommend a van cushion shelter, which creates a tight seal between the loading bay and the van – preventing bad weather, dust and drafts getting in.

Ensuring safety

As well as keeping your staff comfortable, safety is of course key. You can help keep staff safe with products like traffic light signals, which ensure trucks only manoeuvre when it is safe to do so. Intergrated operating systems mean overhead sectional doors only open when trucks are safely docked, and trucks can only leave when the dock leveler has retracted and the dock door is closed. And restraint systems lock trucks in place while loading is happening, preventing accidental vehicle creep or premature drive-offs.