Why World Green Building Council partners with ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY has been named an official European Regional Partner of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC). Why? Because the WorldGBC believes green buildings – those that reduce or eliminate negative impacts on the climate and natural environment – are essential in order to create a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

ASSA ABLOY was chosen to be a European Regional Partner because it shares that belief in green buildings. Making the right decisions to achieve this goal is at the core of each and every action the company takes. There are three main factors that contribute to WorldGBC identifying ASSA ABLOY as a Regional Partner and positive influencer in the industry: future thinking, expansive ideas and unique input.

Future thinking is smart thinking

The root of sustainability is using today to think about tomorrow. ASSA ABLOY has shown great initiative in this forward thinking with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs provide knowledge and transparency about the full life cycle of a product and its potential impact on the environment, and ASSA ABLOY has over 250. Prioritizing EPDs gives contractors and architects the information needed to make smart decisions in designing and constructing buildings. In addition, ASSA ABLOY holds a strong focus on offering vast service initiatives allowing the life cycles of products to be upgraded, prolonged and made more environmentally friendly.

Broadening horizons with expansive ideas

Within buildings, the concept of 'green' most often relates to energy efficiency. Being smarter about energy consumption is necessary for the industry – that's why ASSA ABLOY makes automatic entrance systems that reduce drafts and hotel key cards that minimize power use. But efficiency can go far beyond energy. Research and development into the ways products can affect the health, comfort and well being of people inside a building is a crucial point of being green in ASSA ABLOY's eyes. Factors such as natural light, fresh air input and reduced noise pollution are all aspects that can be controlled. The focus on the efficiency of people should be as important as the energy they use.

The value of unique input

The European Regional Network of WorldGBC is a community of 24 national 'Green Building Councils' and their over 5,000 company members across the continent - working collaboratively to drive green building awareness and practices. The other Regional Partners include E.ON (energy), Knauf Insulation (insulation), Saint-Gobain (materials), Skanska (construction), UTC (building & industrial), BASF (chemical) and Stora Enso (renewable materials). Each organization brings something unique to the table as strategic advisors to the Network, and ASSA ABLOY's specific perspective on both active and passive materials is an important voice. Together we will be working on the very important task of creating a vision for how sustainable building practice can be mainstreamed across Europe.

ASSA ABLOY is excited to work together with fellow WorldGBC partners and welcomes the challenge to create lasting impact and, hopefully, a very green future.