The new manually initiated Besam RD100 revolving door

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The newest member of the revolving door range, the Besam RD100, is a manually initiated revolving door with power assist. With a simple push needed to start, the RD100 then adapts to the pace of users, which increases comfort and reduces energy consumption.

As your business has unique requirements, the Besam revolving door range has options to suit multiple necessities and desires. Find the right door for your foot traffic and business segment, and customize it with the right options and features to help you achieve the best entrance solution for your business.

Parking features increase convenience and reduce energy consumption

The introduction of the Besam RD100 – the new manually initiated revolving door with power assist – provides an excellent, energy-saving option within the Besam revolving door range. Businesses in public and private offices with a purely pedestrian foot traffic need an entrance that looks good and caters to its users. A simple push is all that is needed to start, then the RD100 adapts to the pace of users. Features such as Return-to-park position and Stable-park position ensure that wind and unwelcome animals stay out while the door remains in the ideal position for the next user.

Explore the broad revolving door range

The Besam RD100 joins a wider range of automatic revolving doors. It falls in with the fully automatic compact revolving doors that are perfect for slightly bigger businesses and can be configured with access control. The elegant all-glass door suits spaces that need grand automatic entrances without compromising on functionality. Finally, the high-capacity doors can easily and safely accommodate bustling crowds. Having a full selection of revolving doors helps you find your perfect entrance solution. Find out more about the RD100 and the full Besam revolving door range