Peace and quiet in research department with hermetic sliding doors

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The research department of non-profit organization Sanquin needed an entrance solution that would help reduce sound and distraction. With hermetic automatic doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance systems, the team can now do their job in peace and quiet.

Sanquin is responsible for safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands. The organization consists of a blood bank, a research center and a pharmaceutical branch where pharmaceutical products are being developed and delivered to pharmacists, hospitals, and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Automatic doors to reduce sound and increase safety 

In the blood bank, the floor and walls are made of the material which does not absorb sound. However, in the adjacent research department glass bottles are often used as packaging material creating a lot of noise in the facility that needed to be reduced. For safety reason, Sanquin also requested to make both the walls and entrances fire resistant for 90 minutes, to prevent fire spreading throughout the building.

Sound- and fire-resistant Besam hermetic sliding doors

Besam hermetic doors were able to fulfill the specific needs of Sanquin, as they can maintain artificial pressure between areas and are sound resistant, making sure the sounds is not traveling between the different areas in the building. The hermetic doors are also fire-resistant according to the latest standard and make sure that the fire would not spread for at least 90 minutes.