EPD’s now available for docking solutions

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’ world leading library of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) now include EPD’s for docking solutions.

The library, that already contains a number of EPD's for automatic- and industrial doors, is expanded to also include loading dock equipment. EPD's are now available for the Crawford LH6080L Load house, the Crawford DS6060A mechanical curtain dock shelter and the Crawford DL6020T Teledock dock leveler.

What is an EPD?

In order for a building project to meet sustainability targets, you need detailed information about the materials you and your suppliers propose to use. This includes knowledge of where the materials are sourced, how they are made and how they are distributed.

Only when you have that information, you can document your building's environmental impact and get a clear picture of the building's projected lifecycle. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are internationally standardized tools that give you the information you need in order to set realistic standards for sustainability – and achieve them.

One of the world's largest EPD catalogues

ASSA ABLOY is a global leader in EPDs with one of the world's largest catalogues of EPD registered components and products. We aim to be as transparent as possible in our manufacturing process, to enable you to have complete control over the design and implementation of your buildings - down to the finest detail.