Introducing the new Besam SL500 protect sliding doors system

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Business owners everywhere are afraid of something terrible happening to their business. It is frightening to imagine some opportunistic outside force causing trouble for what has taken so much effort to build. Would you not take precautions to protect yourself if you could? Cue the new Besam SL500 protect sliding door system from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. This new automatic sliding door system is built to fight back against burglars and intruders.

The added security of the Besam SL500 Protect stems from some key features. Primarily, it has been certified with a burglary resistance level of RC2 – this is a very high level of security. In order to achieve this certification, the door must withstand rigorous tests and attempts at being broken into. The Besam SL500 Protect is fortified to deter opportunistic individuals from breaking in. In fact, the only thing that breaks with this door is a burglar's spirit.

We will support you in every step in the process of receiving your Besam SL500 Protect, from conception to installation and throughout its lifecycle. The comprehensive BIM objects library with detailed specifications helps architects to view the door in practice during design while our service offerings are geared to keep your automatic door solution performing at its best.

Besam SL500 protect safeguard your business 

It is important not to forget that this door system – while being a constant protective shield – is also built for impressive performance. Connectivity enabling offers preventative maintenance, remote service and diagnostics. Its frame gives a sleek and attractive appearance, giving you bold protection with subtle beauty. Additionally, it is sustainable to save energy while hosting numerous safety features to protect everyone who uses them. The new Besam SL500 Protect gives you a complete automatic door solution to safeguard your business.