New versatile automatic sliding door system with high adaptability

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Introducing the new Besam SL500 sliding door system, with superior performance and an array of innovative solutions to fit any building’s interior or exterior design.

From high traffic retail entrances to elegant glass foyers, the Besam SL500 sliding door system offers a convenient and an aesthetically appealing solution that fits any environment. The vast range of glass and frame options, from sleek all glass doors to robust framed doors, gives architects the freedom to create the perfect entrance solution.

The powerful system manages door weights up to 2x200kg or 1x240 kg. It is operated by intelligent high-performance operators available in three versions: Standard, Slim and Telescopic. The Slim operator with a height of just 100 mm, still offering maximum performance, gives an unobstructed impression to the entrance. The door systems are easily managed with an intelligent touch display located either next to the door or at a remote location as far as 500 meters away. Each mode selector can operate up to five door systems at the same time.

The Besam SL500 door systems are supplied as complete systems including the doors, operator, safety devices, and if required, side screens and overlights. They are also available in telescopic versions for narrow passageways and where needed a Break-Out or Reverse Break-Out feature.

Visit your local website or contact your local office for local availability