5 ways your entrance can help save energy

Automated entrances have energy efficiency built in, which means they will be greener than a manual option. Here are five reasons why.

1. Industrial door top sealing

Closing the gap between the door and the wall, the top sealing on an industrial door makes the biggest contribution of all seals to prevent energy losses.

2. Preventive maintenance

An entrance that breaks down can interrupt the ongoing operations of the building, causing energy losses and security risks. With preventative maintenance, you can avoid emergency call-outs when parts are replaced before a failure occurs.

3. Leveler sealing

Leveler sealings installed on both sides and at the rear of the leveler platform reduce drafts and prevent insects, dust and dirt from entering the building.

4. Brushes

The profiles on automatic door systems can be fitted with brushes that help save energy. They tighten the seal and reduce drafts, air leakage and water infiltration by up to 60%.

5. Control units

A control unit is an important component in any door system, improving its operating characteristics, and thereby lengthening service lifetime, saving energy and reducing costs.