High performance doors withstand extreme testing

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems completes successful wind resistance tests on the Albany high-performance doors product line.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems manufactures quality products that help safeguard people and goods. One important safety factor is high wind resistance which is crucial for facilities facing extreme weather conditions with strong gusts of wind, as well as for interior applications where pressure is a concern. The Albany UltraTough M&I and the Albany UltraFast, both suitable for such interior and exterior applications, were put to the test against extremely high winds and pressure and persevered.

How the Albany UltraTough M&I door was tested

The Albany UltraTough M&I door was placed directly in front of a high-velocity wind generator. A generator powered by a 496 cubic inch big block V8 engine, featuring wide-blade Kevlar airfoils and capable of producing fast air streams up to 130 mph. Winds of this strength are consistent with category 4 hurricane conditions which have been known to flatten entire buildings. As the speeds on the wind generator were increased to its limits the resilient door stood firm, rubber door panel retained in the side-frame guides, and not lifted upward at all - which is otherwise a common problem when traditional bottom seals meet high wind loads. Owners of Albany UltraTough M&I doors can feel comfortable knowing that their entrances are safe and secure from brutal storms.

Wind performance tests conducted on Albany UltraFast high-speed fabric doors garnered similarly impressive results. These reliable, versatile doors resist wind speeds of 45mph during operation; when not in use they stand strong against up to 75mph winds.

“These real life tests validate the high standard of performance required of our products and solutions and showcase the quality and sustainability of our high-performance doors,” says Juan Vargues, President ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. “Our wind resistant, high-speed doors will help keep facilities safe also from energy loss in even the toughest environmental conditions.”

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Please visit the Albany High Performance Door Solutions website for more information about high performance door solutions. You can also go to the Albany UltraTough M&I product page or the Albany UltraFast high-speed fabric door product page.

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