ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems’ Megadoor cater for the world’s largest aircraft

Inside the Stratolaunch Systems facility located in Mojave California, the world's largest aircraft is being fabricated behind Megadoor hangar doors.

The Stratolaunch Systems hangar is equipped by ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Megadoor hangar doors. It is 103,257square feet / 9,592 square meters and allows a 420' / 128 meters clear span for the aircraft to enter. The wingspan of the aircraft is 380' / 116 meters and has a thrust provided by six 747 aircraft engines.

Hangar door from Megadoor keep dust out

The environment needed protection from the harsh conditions of the Mojave desert such as the fine dust blowing around the desert airport Keeping sensitive aviation electronics, engines and other aircraft components from being affected by the dust and sand can be a costly challenge. As proven in previous Mojave Airport installations, the unique perimeter seals and low air infiltration values of the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Megadoor hangar doors are more effective than a traditional sliding doors design in sealing out this fine desert dust. Furthermore, the doors do not require a bottom rail system which requires regular cleaning.

Climate control

Worker comfort and productivity in the hot desert summers was a criteria. The client wanted the doors be closed during normal operation for privacy, access and environmental control. In order to meet this requirement, our massive exhaust fans were incorporated into the Megadoor system.

Natural Lighting needed

Translucent fabric was specified on the Megadoor systems to allow ten percent of the natural light into the hangar. The soft, diffused light creates a great work environment for the technicians and reduces lighting costs.