Stay open for business

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your entrances and help prevent unexpected problems. Our maintenance programs help you ensure reliable, safe and sustainable operations throughout the lifetime your entrances.

Maintenance programs to fit your business needs

Pro-Active Care plans include planned maintenance visits according to your business needs. Our service team advice based on factors such as existing condition, age, operating environment and usage levels of your equipment, and recommends the best plan for your specific circumstances.

Pro-Active Care gives you more options

Pro-Active Care plans offer optional response times, customized performance documentation and advanced user training for facility managers and others responsible for a large number of doors.

Pro-Active Bronze

Pro-Active Bronze provides you the security of knowing your automatic entrance is regularly inspected and safe. Our technician inspects and certifies your equipment for safety and reliability during a number of onsite visits planned according to your needs. Additional service calls (including labor, travel and parts) are billed at special prices.

Pro-Active Silver

Pro-Active Silver provides all the benefits of Pro-Active Bronze, but with the added advantage that labor and travel included for service calls during regular business hours.

Pro-Active Gold

Pro-Active Gold gives you ultimate protection for your doors and loading dock equipment, and is an excellent way to budget your expenses annually. It includes all the benefits of Pro-Active Silver, plus the replacement of any parts.
Pro-Active Tailor-Flex

The Pro-Active Care plan is designed together with you for optimum flexibility. This customized maintenance plan lets you balance your maintenance expenses against your budget, and gives you the option of adding or deleting items to suit your budget goals, while meeting your overall performance and safety needs.